Why Is Video Game The Ninth Form of Art?



Why Is Video Game The Ninth Form of Art?

Today more and more people are fond of video games, but only few people know that game is widely accepted as the ninth kind of art. Actually, on May $9^{th}\,2011$, the US National Endowment for the Arts announced officially that video game is a form of art. Now, let me tell you why video game is valuable enough to be called a form of art.

Like other ealier acknowledged forms of art, the basical aim of game is to create a virtual world, which contains the idea, view, feeling etc. of the author. Absorbed into the fictitious world, we can get to know the author’s inside world, seek the treasure of his mind, and finally produce our own points towards the whole life or little things in life.

Different from other forms of art, video game has a vital advantage - - participation, and it’s participation that is the principle of the video game. We can imagine that a game is just like a play or a film, but different from them both, when enjoying it, you’re not the audience, but the performer. We can say that video game breaks the limitation of audiences’ third party capacity, and thus it truly brings players into the world. In many video games, every choice makes a difference to the faith of the character, which gives players huge posibility of recreation. To conclude, the feeling of participation is the most vital advantage of video game that other forms of art don’t have.

As Goethe once said, every art forms’ ultimate mission is to creat the most actual illusion through phantoms. And video game has just made the biggest step towards it, because it combines graphics, audio etc. and most importantly, your participation.

Although there’s some disagrees with video game and there are plenty of awful games, a new thing’s dawn must go through development and improvement of time, and then it gets to a higher level. This is common among all the art forms, so we should give it a chance, accept it and watch it develop.

Nowadays, China’s game market is quite abnormal, and the principle of it has not matured. You can see piracy is all over the country, and quantities of people are playing rough games that are simply made for money, while few people like to play games that really are worth calling art and support indie game makers. These phenomena hurt the game makers who put their heart on it and sincere game lovers. To help China build a better game market, I think we should sharpen our eyes to focus on the games that are worth calling art, and avoid those are made for money or piracy. In this way, game makers can get the wage they deserve, players can find more artistic games, and the industry of game can develop.

Video game is a form of art. And I think, with our support, video game is becoming better and better.


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    • the basic:Participation!
    • it’s a mixture, which improves the substitution feeling of a story or a world
    • using music & video, it can convey the information of the author earningly
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    • the game market of china is very abnormal, and the principle has not matured. piracy is all over the country; quantities of people are playing games that are made simply for money, while few people like to play games that really are worth calling art and support indie game makers.
    • we should focus on the good games and avoid those are made for money, don’t get cheated!
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